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Do you have questions? Get your general answers here are some of the most common questions we received. If you have questions not listed below, please contact us.

How do I request a fire alarm or fire sprinkler inspection?

To request a fire alarm or fire sprinkler inspection, you can typically contact us. We will schedule an inspection and send a certified technician to review your fire alarm and/or sprinkler system to ensure it is functioning properly and meets local codes and regulations. Some municipalities may also have an online form or phone number specifically for scheduling inspections.

How often should I change the batteries in a smoke alarms?

Every two years, or whenever the smoke alarm goes off. Refer to the section below. It is advised that you replace the batteries in your smoke alarms at the same time that you change the clocks.

Are there places I should NOT install smoke alarms?

It is not recommended to install smoke alarms in locations that are overly dusty or smoke-filled. For example, they shouldn’t be put in unheated carports, crawl spaces, or attics.

Where do I take old fire extinguishers?

Old fire extinguishers can be disposed of at a residential hazardous trash collection site. Anyone who lives in their own home, apartment, or condominium can dispose of up to 20 pieces of residential household waste for free. Read more

How should I clean my smoke alarms? How often?

You can follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, however custom practice utilize vacuum cleaner’s bristle attachment. If your smoke alarms are chirping, try cleaning them; at the absolute least, clean them when you replace the batteries.

How should I test my smoke alarms?

Every smoke alarm comes with a test button. The National Fire Protection Association recommend that homeowners monitor their smoke alarms once a month.

When should I replace my smoke alarms?

Smoke alarms should be replaced when they are between 7 and 10 years old. The age of the smoke alarm can be determined by checking the date of manufacture on the back of the smoke alarm.

Smoke alarms that fail to respond to test button activation or are damaged should be replaced immediately.

How can I become a firefighter for the District?

Anyone who would like to volunteer firefighter is welcome to apply online or visit the district administration office located in Lake George.

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